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Swimming with the Pigs

I had been scrolling instagram and seeing the various glorified photos of majestic pigs swimming in crystal clear waters. Can you even imagine anything so adorable? Well, I had my flight booked to The Bahamas and knew it was finally my turn to partake in

Hopeless to Honolulu: My first Solo Trip

I had been reading so much on people who take solo trips, and I got bit by the bug. I was curious; what is so intriguing about going somewhere alone? What the hell do these people do? Do they get bored? I thought of every

A weekend in Montreal

I got back from Thailand in June 2016 and was not quite ready to face reality yet, so I found myself on SkyScanner searching for a cheap weekend getaway. A $200 roundtrip to Montreal from Newark popped up and with no hesitation, I booked! I