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36 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Anyone who even semi-frequents my page knows one of my favorite travel hacks is spending a day or two in a city / country to see how many activities I can cram in (especially on a layover!). While my flight to Kuala Lumpur was not

Stockholm Gamla Stan

Thanks to Norwegian Airlines, on my way into Finland I scored a 9 hour layover in Oslo, Norway, and on my way out, I scored a 5 hour layover in Stockholm, Sweden! And thanks to Arlanda Express (the 20-minute train service from the airport into

9 Hour Layover in Oslo

On my way to Finland I was lucky enough to snatch a flight on Norwegian Air with a 9-hour layover in Oslo. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with my travel style knows that my favorite thing EVER is to get a layover in a

One day in Singapore

I had a twenty-two hour layover in Singapore on my way from Bali to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am always excited for a long layover in a new place. It gets my feet wet enough to get a feel for the city without having to

One Day in Dubai

Before I even begin this post, let’s give a HUGE shoutout to Emirates Airlines. Guys, I’m not kidding…they are THE BEST AIRLINE I’ve ever flown. Crazy comfy seats, awesome customer service, insane airplane food (like better than meals I’ve eaten at actual restaurants; for example: