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Women inspiring women in Brussels

Traveling solo makes for a great filter. It makes you quick to detect those that are not worth your time, and it makes you highly appreciate that one person you truly have a connection with and enjoy being around. Let me rewind for a second. I work

420 in Amsterdam with my best friend

Yes, yes, I know..I am the ~solo female travel expert~, but sometimes a little companionship doesn’t hurt! My best friend of over ten years, Katie, had booked a flight to go to Amsterdam for 420. Now, I admittedly am not a huge pot smoker. I’m

Berlin vs. Munich

Germany. It was never at the top of my bucket list but I decided to go on SkyScanner to see where would be cheap-ish to go in February, and based on my options, I went for a direct flight with Lufthansa into Berlin, and out

Stockholm Gamla Stan

Thanks to Norwegian Airlines, on my way into Finland I scored a 9 hour layover in Oslo, Norway, and on my way out, I scored a 5 hour layover in Stockholm, Sweden! And thanks to Arlanda Express (the 20-minute train service from the airport into

Winter Wonderland in Rovaniemi

For anyone who loves Christmas as much as I do, Rovaniemi, Finland is an absolute MUST. Never heard of it? Do a quick google; the first thing the internet will tell you about this gem of a city is it’s Santa Claus’s official hometown! The

The Funky Food of Finland

Finland is not exactly known for its delectable cuisine. In fact, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Bersculoni complained that “The Finns don’t even know what Parma ham is,” and in July 2005 French President Jacques Chirac said, “After Finland, Britain is the country with the worst

9 Hour Layover in Oslo

On my way to Finland I was lucky enough to snatch a flight on Norwegian Air with a 9-hour layover in Oslo. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with my travel style knows that my favorite thing EVER is to get a layover in a

Barcelona: My Favorite Food City

Paella, padrons, jamon, patatas bravas, albondigos… the list goes on and on. I had done minimal research on what to eat in Spain, but once I was there, I almost immediately fell in love with the cuisine. I went to Barcelona in November 2014, and

Nice really IS just a place in France

I headed to Nice, France after the most perfect few days in Italy, and went into it a little disheartened (it’s slightly difficult to leave your dream destination). I studied French for five years in grade school, though I don’t get to practice much, I