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Swimming with the Pigs

I had been scrolling instagram and seeing the various glorified photos of majestic pigs swimming in crystal clear waters. Can you even imagine anything so adorable? Well, I had my flight booked to The Bahamas and knew it was finally my turn to partake in

Creeper Alert

I headed to the isolated island of Caye Caulker, Belize in September 2016. In order to get to the island, you need to fly into Belize City (or get to Belize City), and take a 45-minute water taxi from the port. At the port, I

Face your Fears: Swim with the Sharks!

Like a true 90’s middle-class American family, we had a mini van growing up. We liked to take road trips, so my parents stepped it up a notch and purchased a mini van with a DVD player in it. Every family in America (preferably from

Guide to a Weekend in Aruba

Luckily for you, if you live in the States, the Caribbean is a short (and often cheap) flight away. A good friend and I sporadically found a cheap flight and with little hesitation, booked our trip to Aruba. Here were the top highlights of our