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Da Nang: Vietnam’s Hippest Beach Town

While it appears Vietnam is a small country, it covers a great amount of length along the coast giving it quite a diverse ecosystem. In the North, be expected to see what you probably imagine China looks like (rice terraces, a lot of green, smoggy,

Coron vs. El Nido

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to both Coron and El Nido, as they are both in Palawan and I have heard that they are both fairly similar. I ended up seeing both and am glad I did, because despite the similarities, they

Planting Coral with Coral Gardeners

I had heard about a small organization called Coral Gardeners through a high-profile instagram account I follow (@gypsea_lust). She is notoriously known for posting pictures of her flawless perfect body with beautiful landscapes (I mean seriously, check her out…her instagram is as dreamy as it gets),

What exactly is Tahiti?

When I was in the seventh grade, we had to do a presentation on a place we would like to visit someday. I remember googling the furthest most beautiful place in the world (I guess I was always who I am!), and a magical place

Mo’orea: is it possible on a budget?

My round-the-world trip has officially begun, and what better place to start it than in the middle of absolutely nowhere on a beautiful island? I booked a one way to Pape’ete, French Polynesia from Newark, New Jersey on January 15th, 2019, and off I went.

Hopeless to Honolulu: My first Solo Trip

I had been reading so much on people who take solo trips, and I got bit by the bug. I was curious; what is so intriguing about going somewhere alone? What the hell do these people do? Do they get bored? I thought of every

Three days in Cartagena

Based on a cheap ticket I found, I used Colombia as a hub to get into Peru (why not explore an extra country along the way?). Since I am, for the most part, a budget traveller, I knew in Peru I wanted to stay in