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Getting Scuba Certified in The Great Barrier Reef

When venturing on my round-the-world trip, I didn’t even consider getting my PADI open water certification in Australia; I automatically assumed it would be highly overpriced. I was browsing snorkel tour options when something came up that said, “Get Scuba Certified in The Great Barrier Reef” for

36 Hours in Sydney

Who says you can’t see a city in a day? While you may be exhausted and your legs may be cramping from walking a total of 21 miles (no joke!), why go to a place if you don’t plan to explore as much as you

Time and a budget: South Island 6-Day Road Trip

I heard New Zealand was extremely expensive. I heard under a week was a pointless amount of time to even attempt the roads of either island. I heard the roads were hilly and narrow. It seemed like everything was telling me I was an idiot

Planting Coral with Coral Gardeners

I had heard about a small organization called Coral Gardeners through a high-profile instagram account I follow (@gypsea_lust). She is notoriously known for posting pictures of her flawless perfect body with beautiful landscapes (I mean seriously, check her out…her instagram is as dreamy as it gets),

What exactly is Tahiti?

When I was in the seventh grade, we had to do a presentation on a place we would like to visit someday. I remember googling the furthest most beautiful place in the world (I guess I was always who I am!), and a magical place

Mo’orea: is it possible on a budget?

My round-the-world trip has officially begun, and what better place to start it than in the middle of absolutely nowhere on a beautiful island? I booked a one way to Pape’ete, French Polynesia from Newark, New Jersey on January 15th, 2019, and off I went.